New Family Social

Strong & happy LGBTQ+ employees


Your LGBTQ+ staff often choose to grow their families through adoption, fostering or special guardianship.  New Family Social is the national UK charity supporting LGBTQ+ people who choose this route.

We offer Corporate Memberships to organisations such as yours who want to support their LGBTQ+ staff. 

Our funding comes from over 250 local government authorities in addition to large organisations such as Barnardo's and the National Fostering Agency who work in the sector. We also receive grants from government and funding sources.


Get in contact today to hear more about how you can support your LGBTQ+ staff to make strong and happy adoptive and foster families.


Reach out and make a difference for your staff.

Wow. Training is included for your HR  Team & Senior Managers

Law, terminology, employment standards for LGBTQ+ people develop continually. Ensure that your HR & management team are in the best place to offer advice.