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LGBTQ+ families have a variety of avenues for creating their families, including natural conception, adoption, fostering, surrogacy, and assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF.

New Family Social provide support however your LGBTQ+ staff build their families.

Our inclusive and comprehensive services are designed to assist your HR team and your LGBTQ+ staff at every step. From initial considerations, though assessments to post-placement or post-birth support, we are fully committed to ensuring the journey is as fulfilling as possible.

Whichever method or combination of methods your LGBTQ+ staff choose, being LGBTQ+  brings unique strengths and challenges.


Get in contact today to hear more about how you can support your LGBTQ+ staff to make strong and happy families.


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Training is included for your HR Team & Senior Managers

Law, terminology, employment standards for LGBTQ+ people develop continually. Ensure that your HR & management team are in the best place to offer advice.